There are many books on leadership, but this goes way beyond the norm.”

                        ~ Michael Gibbs

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I want Jose to be my boss! There are many books on leadership, but this goes way beyond the norm. Jose teaches us What leadership is and Why it matters, illustrated with many insightful examples from his own career. But he goes well beyond that with what most such discussions lack: a great deal of practical advice about How to become a better leader. This book is worth your time.

Michael Gibbs



In today’s business world, there’s a growing problem. Strong, effective leadership is in low supply and high demand. And companies are suffering as a result

Why the gap?

More and more executives and managers are finding that what it takes to succeed personally and what it takes to be an effective leader of others—teams, employees, companies—seem to be in conflict.

But that needn’t be the case.  Good leadership is, in reality, the key to the sustained success of your company, team, or project. And in Leading With Edge: Activate Your Competitive Advantage Through Personal Insight, Jose R. Costa draws upon his experience as a Fortune 500 CEO to provide a philosophical and practice path to developing the relevant leadership skills you need to give yourself and those you work with the advantage.


Take Responsibility for Making the Change



As leaders, we have a lot on our minds—from keeping our customers happy and managing legal and compliance issues to keeping our eyes on the bottom line. How to truly get the best out of people is not something we are typically taught in business school.

It’s time that we, as leaders, give the skill of leadership the same focus we would any other aspect of the job and teach others in our organization, the leaders coming up behind us, how to do the same.

To lead with edge is to accept leadership as a practice—as a vocation in which one is dedicated to lifelong learning, diligence and patience. In Leading With Edge, Jose R. Costa invites you to acknowledge the tenacity and courage it takes to be a good leader. With insightful examples from his own career, Costa offers guiding principles to help budding and experienced leaders alike to prioritize impactful work.

Jose is a wise servant leader. Read this book if you want to learn how to find purpose and success in business and life.

Chip Eden

Reverend, Christ Church


The secret ingredient that makes all of this work is ownership. Based on his own life experience, Jose presents a powerful argument for why taking responsibility for every aspect of your life—personal and professional—is the best way for you to cultivate your own leadership capacities, and ultimately to inspire others. Leading With Edge is the handbook for exactly how to do that.


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 The book is organized into four sections, each of which highlights a different key element that can help you resist common leadership pitfalls and build a leadership style that gives you an edge. For each of the four key elements, you will find two chapters: one that talks about how to apply that element personally, in your own life and career, and another that shows how to promote it among the people around you.


And your ability to gain and share it


And your ability to model and drive them


Especially when paired with big dreams


In yourself and in the people around you

This balanced approach will allow you to continue to gain an edge time and time again. To help ensure you’re on the right track, each section of the book ends with an assessment tool that will allow you to score yourself and monitor your progress.


Jose R. Costa is no stranger to leadership. Currently the CEO of For Eyes, which is part of Grand-Vision, a global leader in optical retail with more than 7,000 stores worldwide, Costa has served in senior executive roles in a wide variety of industries—automotive, consumer products, quick-service restaurants, marketing and advertising, banking, and private equity. In 2017, Costa was a Gold Winner in the Executive of the Year category of the CEO World Awards. In 2016, he earned the Executive of the Year Gold Award in the Golden Bridge Awards®, an annual industry and peer recognition program honoring best companies in every major industry.

Jose Costa is, in so many ways, a role model leader for today’s confusing times.   He’s learned through seeing, asking, modeling, experimenting, failing, and succeeding in complex, global enterprises. He’s a multicultural man with multicultural experiences, who today runs a multi-billion dollar company, all of which makes him so well suited to share his fresh insights for leading today.

Tom Cullinger

Executive Director, Spiegel Research Center

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