There is an often unconsidered side-effect of “being the boss.” Whether you’re a manager with a modest team of two or three, or a chief executive running a billion-dollar enterprise, there is an allure to making your voice heard.

Luckily—and sometimes unluckily—for high-profile brand leaders, we live in the age of social media amplification. If people care enough, and you have something interesting to say, you will find a ready audience. The danger is how quickly that audience can turn.

Last week, Tesla’s Elon Musk, well-known for being an “extremely online” CEO, made waves when he intimated that he may take the publicly traded electric vehicle and lithium battery technology company private. The tweet triggered a torrent of financial analysis and think pieces, some positing that Musk’s musings may have run afoul of SEC regulations.

But you can understand Musk’s instinct. . . 

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